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Participating Insurance Companies

We invite you, your family and employer to receive efficient, prompt care by utilizing any one of the HMO, POS, PPO or Workers Compensation plans we participate in.

As part of our continuing effort to service our patients, we have initiated our participation in a number of HMO/PPO programs. Participation in managed care insurance programs will demonstrate our commitment to making quality health care affordable for all! You can be assured that we will make every effort to meet your needs and remain competitive and "cost efficient", billing your carrier or company directly.


Workers Compensation

    We are sensitive to industrial needs. We return employees to work as soon as possible. Our policy of NO APPOINTMENT is tailored to industrial needs. There is less employee down-time. Patients are registered immediately. The "in" and "out" times are recorded and sent to the employer. Because of our 7 day a week operation, your employees are returned to work much sooner!

    Our comprehensive workers compensation care includes the treatment of all job related injuries, strains, lacerations, minor fractures, eye injuries, treatment of chemical or smoke exposure and all of the follow up care. We administer pre-employment physicals and OSHA evaluations. We have a Spanish speaking staff available. To insure prompt attention, scheduling your physicals is a recommended option.