On Point With All Safety Protocols

We are trained and skilled at diagnosing all issues related to COVID-19 Medemerge is equipped with on-site rapid PCR and Antigen testing for Covid results within hours, for diagnosis, traveling, and surgeries. We are capable of doing antibody testing and managing the out of hospital care of Covid symptoms and conditions.

Questions About COVID-19?

Get helpful information from the CDC. Get information on Personal Protective Equipment. Receive instructions on How to protect yourself. What to do if you’re sick, and much more.

Your safety and health are of our utmost importance. Our facility is open to serve the community for all health conditions including suspected Coronavirus. 

All patients are to be triaged and assessed at our front door. You will then be directed on how to proceed.

Patient Safety Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Full Health & Urgent Care Services

No Appointments Necessary
Just Walk In

Appointments available upon request
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